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Our Philosophy

a weimaraner puppy on a leash on a sidewalk

On Q Dogs applies an individualized approach. We acknowledge that every dog is unique, with varying temperaments, learning abilities, and behavioral challenges. Therefore, we employ a balanced training method to suit the specific needs and characteristics of each dog, ensuring a more effective and ethical training process.

Balanced dog training is a professional and comprehensive approach to canine behavior modification and obedience training. It integrates both positive reinforcement techniques and appropriately administered corrections to achieve desired behavioral outcomes in dogs.

Positive reinforcement involves rewarding a dog for exhibiting desired behaviors, such as sitting when commanded, with treats, praise, or toys. This method reinforces good conduct and motivates dogs to repeat those behaviors. Positive reinforcement is an integral component of balanced training, as it builds a strong foundation for obedience.

Additionally, balanced training employs corrective measures when necessary, such as a leash corrections or e collar stimulations, for example, to discourage unwanted behaviors like jumping, excessive barking, or aggression. These corrections are administered methodically, thoughtfully and with the dog's welfare in mind.

Ultimately, we promote effective communication, trust-building, and responsible corrections. We empower owners to better understand their dogs, effectively manage their behavior, and cultivate a harmonious and respectful relationship.