At On Q Dogs we consider the dog in front of us. We don’t expect the dogs to fit into a certain box. We will not push the dog in ways that are detrimental to their progress. Because we respect the dogs as individuals who learn at different paces, these are guides and not set in stone. You can expect wonderful things from our program and we work hard to give your dogs the best and most up-to-date training methods. With all our training programs you must be prepared to continue to practice the training in order for the dog to retain their skills. We will help guide you so that you feel as prepared as possible to continue the training. *All programs require poof of shots *Intact dogs welcome

Board and Train 4 WEEKS

Our four week board and train is a good fit for any level of experience. From a dog who needs manners training to a dog who needs serious behavior modification, this program is the way to go. Every dog is different and that is why we cater the program specifically to your dogs needs. No two dogs are trained exactly the same. We have a basic set of skills we aim to teach the dog and then we adjust from there. Training gear is included and will be based on the needs of the dog. Some gear may include: prong collar, e collar and place bed. Be prepared to purchase some additional gear such as long lines, treat pouches, slip leads and special crates may be suggested in severe cases. We take a very small number of dogs in for training in order to fully invest in your dog while they are here. During their stay they will be on a structured training routine as well as a feeding and exercise regime to enhance their training experience. Your dog will also be taken out into real world settings to practice their skills with high levels of distractions. Obedience skills we typically target: Yes No Release word (Free or Ok) Sit (with implied stay) Down (with implied stay) Recall Place Loose leash walking Off leash control (for qualified dogs)

PUPPY CAMP 3 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Wednesday (Overnight) OR Wednesday-Friday (Overnight)

Here is how it works: You drop your puppy off at my place to stay with me for three days a week. Puppy camp runs for 5 consecutive weeks. During this time I am training  your puppy and getting to know them and their learning style. After three days you pick the puppy up we will discuss what was worked on and you will be given homework to work on till you bring your puppy back the following week. I also take them on field trips and socialize them to new environments as well as with my dogs who are stable, well behaved dogs. Puppy camp is a team effort and you will be required to be part of the training process in order to optimize your puppies training experience and set them up for success. There is no replacement for starting a puppy’s education early and it is one of the best gifts you can give your young dog. During puppy class we target: Foundational Obedience Focus Socialization Leash Skills Resource Guarding Crate Training  Potty Training Muzzle Training Handling Desensitization  Owner education And some customized goals During puppy camp you will receive videos and photos of what we are working on as keepsakes and visual aids. 


Have peace of mind while you are away and leave your dog with us for exercise and fun! Don’t leave your loved one in a noisy, overcrowded kennel environment with rotating staff. Leave them with us in a home away from home atmosphere. Dogs are offered plenty of free time and attention. Training clients will receive refresher training during their stay. We have a limited number of spots to ensure all the dogs in our care get lots of one on one time, so aim to book early.